Usisa Salted and Pressed Sardines

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Whole sardines in salting.

Coming from the catches of the artisanal fleet of the Andalusian coasts It is possibly the oldest, traditional and best known salting.

The sardine being a fatty fish, is a great source of omega 3 and high in protein, so its consumption is very beneficial.

Net weight: 200gr

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Recommendations for cleaning Sardines:
First, the head and tail should be cut. Then open the sardine in half and with the help of a knife or scissors remove the viscera along the fish in the belly area. Separate the two loins. Remove the central spine with a knife or with your fingers. Pressing very carefully, separate the skin and scales of the loins and remove the spines that may remain. Finally, rinse the loins and they would be ready to consume or prepare in any recipe. If you do not want to do this cleaning, the product you are looking for is sardine fillets and not whole sardines.