First class ' Mojama' (dry tuna) from Isla Cristina

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Top quality tuna mojama

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First Quality: It is also the inner area of the loin, but not as much as the extra, and is one step behind in terms of quality, something that is noticeable in that it is not so soft in texture, although in terms of flavor it could be similar. His veining is more open and is closer to parallel lines.

Unlike most manufacturers, we make mojama only with tuna and salt, we do not use any type of dye, aroma or chemical preservative.

The presence of white dots on the mojama corresponds to salt precipitates caused by refrigeration, which disappear after a time at room temperature.

Method of use: remove from the refrigerator 15 minutes before consuming. Cut slices of the mojama taco. To soften the flavor add a little extra virgin olive oil. It can be accompanied with nuts such as almonds.