Pickled Mussels USISA 120GR.

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Marinated mussels from the Galician Rias, are a food rich in vitamin B12, proteins, minerals and Omega-3. This preserve stands out for its excellent taste and texture.

Net weight: 112gr

Drained weight: 73gr

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Chipped in a machine known as mussel codeiro. The process is divided into three parts:

First, the shelling takes place, then the cooking and finally the vibrator separates the leaflet from the shell.

Before frying the mussel, it must be washed in fresh water to remove excess salt. Then it is immersed in a bathtub with virgin olive oil for one or two minutes or by using the alternative of dehydration by a steam blow.

Pickled preparation.
 The main ingredients of the marinade are red paprika (a mixture of oil and paprika), vinegar and water. Each can has cloves, black pepper and bay leaf.

Packaged and sterilized.
- From the closing until the beginning of the sterilization, no more than two hours can pass Washing of cans and storage of these.