Tuna Ventresca fillets in olive oil USISA 125 gr

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Tuna Ventresca fillets in olive oil, stand out for their flavor, softness in their texture and care in their peeling during the elaboration process. Belly Tuna fillets are peeled and packaged following the stowage tradition. The best fillets are selected, always following a demanding quality control over it.
Net weight: 120gr

Drained weight: 80gr

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--Reception of fish

-Ronqueo (extraction of the parts of the tuna destined to conserve)

-Cooking in salted water solution.

Maintenance and cooling.

– Peeled by hand.

– Hand packed

One of the key steps to achieve our exclusive flavor is addiction with the best olive oils from Andalusia.

Subsequently we proceed to hermetically sealed the cans, as well as sterilized in autoclaves to achieve a completely sterile product.

At this point, the cans are washed and dried before proceeding with packing and boxing them. The process concludes with the storage of the product for later shipment.