Mackerel in Natural Tejero (steamed)

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2,25 €

The loyalty of our consumers lies in the fact that we only use quality raw materials, the most notable value of which is that it is a campaign product. This is the optimal moment for fish, when it provides its highest nutritional and organoleptic values. This product goes with skin and thorns.
Net weight: 400gr
Drained weight: 280gr

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Elaboration process: 

During the process of making canned Mackerel, we take special care with the raw  materials we use, carrying out the relevant controls to guarantee consumers a  quality product. 

The natural Mackerel boat must always be made following the same artisan  procedures: 

  • Fish reception. 
  • Headed, gutted and washed. 
  • We put the mackerels in the pot. 
  • Steam cooking. 
  • We add the water with salt. 
  • Closing the pot. 
  • Autoclave treatment. 
  • Boat wash. 
  • Storage and dispatch.