Almadraba del Principe Tuna in Olive Oil TEJERO OL.120

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Our canned tuna, in all its different formats and varieties, is a campaign product that provides a source of protein, minerals and vitamins, whose only preservative is salt and oil. Highlight the contribution of Omega-3 of this preserve.

Net weight: 112gr
Drained weight: 73gr

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During the production process we take great care with the raw material we use,  to offer the highest quality in our final product. 

Canned tuna is made as follows: 

-Reception of Tuna loin. 

-Cooking the loin in salted water solution. 

- Maintenance and refrigeration. 

- Packaging through packers 

- One of the key steps to achieve our exclusive flavor is the addiction with the best olive oils of Andalusia, the brine to make natural tuna or tomato sauce. 

- Subsequently, the cans are hermetically sealed, as well as sterilized in  autoclaves to obtain a totally sterile product. 

At this point, the cans are washed and dried before proceeding with the  cartoning and boxed thereof. The process concludes with the storage of the  product for later dispatch.