Assorted assortment 3 cans USISA-TEJERO PGI

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Assorted assortment of 3 cans with references covered by the PGI (Mackerel and Frigate Mackerel of Andalusia)
- Mackerel Fillets of Andalusia Tejero
- Fillets of Frigate Mackerel of Andalusia USISA
- Fillets of Frigate Mackerel of Andalusia 'Canutera' USISA

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Raw Material: To make our preserves, a strict selection of raw material is  carried out. Mackerel of the species (Scomber Colias and Scomber japonicus)  belongs to the family of Scombrids. Species melva (Auxis rochei and Auxis  thazard) belongs to the tuna family, like tuna. 

Artisanal elaboration: In the process of elaboration of canned Mackerel and  Melva of Andalusia, we take special care with the raw materials, carrying out  the pertinent controls to guarantee consumers a quality product. We do not use  any chemical product to make the preserves protected by the Regulatory Council  and they are always made following the same artisanal procedures. 

Nutrition: Mackerel and Melva from Andalusia are blue fish and therefore foods  of high nutritional value. They have a high protein and vitamin content, with a  low fat and carbohydrate content.

Health: They contain unsaturated fatty acids, such as Omega 3, which prevent  cardiovascular diseases and cancer. They are ideal for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. The union of Omega 3 acids from oily fish and oleic acids  provided by olive oil, is what makes our preserves are extraordinarily healthy.  The control exercised over their production provides them with full food  security. 

The IGP: The Andalusian Mackerel and Melva Regulatory Council, was born from the union of several Andalusian canning entrepreneurs, with the intention of  protecting the traditional and purely artisanal processes of making their  products. In 2009, after almost six years of analysis and consultations, the  European Union granted Community Registries as Protected Geographical  Indications Caballa de Andalucía and Melva de Andalucía, thus becoming the first PGI in Spain for fishery products. This IGP guarantees that our preserves are  made completely by hand and that the raw material used is of the highest  quality.