Extra 'Mojama' ( Dry tuna ) Protected Geographic Identity Piece of Isla Cristina

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Our 'Mojama' Extra category belongs to the PGI "Mojama de Isla Cristina", and is obtained from the most noble part of tuna, the loin, which after suffering a salting and drying process and a careful selection, gives rise to this product, characterized by a dark brown outer appearance, presenting the veins of the tuna loin of this area when is cut.

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Of the 3 recognized qualities of 'Mojama'( Dry tuna ), the “Extra” is the best considered, since it comes from a more compact muscular area, which translates into a greater smoothness in its texture, having a less marked veining than in those of Prime quality or sirloin 'mojama'.

Our 'Mojama' of Isla Cristina, belongs to the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Identification “Mojama de Isla Cristina”, which endorses and controls the production to guarantee careful and careful processing from carefully selected tunas.

Unlike most manufacturers, we make dry tuna only with tuna and salt, we do not use any type of dye, aroma or chemical preservative.

The presence of white dots on the 'mojama' corresponds to salt precipitates caused by refrigeration, which disappear after a time at a room temperature.

Method of use: remove from the refrigerator 15 minutes before consuming. The most common way to consume it is by cutting it in thin slices, with a splash of a good extra virgin olive oil, to soften its texture and, as an extra, accompanied by fried almonds.